Into The Woods | Gallery

3 December 2016

Eldwick, UK
One of my favourite things about living in Yorkshire is the scenery that’s simply footsteps away. It’s one of the main reasons I won’t move to London, I need these kind of views every day. I live in a tiny village in the West of Yorkshire, with moors right outside my bedroom windows. However, between the moors and my house, is this huge valley which everyone just calls “The Woods”. It’s easily become my happy place, because it’s hidden, untouched and peaceful. The only sounds you can hear are from the brook that runs through the valley and hundreds of birds. It’s one of the best places to run away to, and as it’s so close to home I’m there basically every day. 

All About That Backpack

30 November 2016

Happy last day of November! I’m making it a thing, it’ll catch on. It’s so unbelievably cold right now. Actually, it is believably cold because it’s winter, but I feel like it’s an English think to talk about how the weather is totally unexpected no matter what time of year it is. 

Let’s Talk About Periods | Veeda Review

27 November 2016

Check That Cape

23 November 2016

Eccleshill, UK
For me, the very best thing about this time of year is being able to layer clothing to my heart’s content. Not only can I wear turtle neck tops without sweating through them, but I can wear capes outdoors without ending up awkwardly carrying them. Life’s sweet!

Let Your Dreams Fly: Volume II

21 November 2016

Leeds, UK
Happy Monday! A little while ago, I published a blog post that featured some of my favourite inspirational quotes to spread a sprinkle of positivity on my blog and on the world wide web. Sometimes I just need a pick-me-up moment, and looking through a good selection of quotes imprints the wise words on my brain and motivates me to work harder and let my dreams fly...

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