De-Clutter Your Life

Reconsider your routines

Sometimes sticking to the same thing every day means an out-of-the-blue task becomes a shock to the system. It’s good to have structure, especially with a very busy lifestyle. But it’s also important to remember we must enjoy life and value spare time we have. Trying a new routine and mixing things up will help get some of those tasks on the never-ending to-do list to calm down.

Reduce commitments

There’s a saying, it’s something to do with spreading butter too thin on toast. The exact wording always slips my mind but I’ll never lose the real meaning behind it. When we’re constantly multitasking we naturally lose track of time and eventually energy. It’s not always easy for everyone, but prioritising certain responsibilities will wash a way a little clutter.

Enjoy the good bits

Majority of the working world have very busy lives. It’s hard to de-clutter because there seems to be so much and it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s why it’s vital we treasure special moments that could occasionally be once in a lifetime chances. Many people have bucket lists or constantly carry a camera so they can get the very best out of what life has to offer.

Write things down

When I have the time to really sit down and thing about de-cluttering my life. I like to write everything down. Just grabbing a pen and paper and listing everything and anything I can think of. Visual aids help my brain to stop stressing and it’s much easier for me to focus if I see all my obstacles in front of me.