The Secrets of Winter Style

I hate the cold and the cold hates me. As a Northerner, enduring the colder temperature is nothing new. However, being cold is the most uncomfortable and demotivating state I think I can ever be in. The chillier weather makes me lazier, sleepier and encourages procrastination. I like the snow, but only when I’m inside. Some people get rosy red cheeks during this time of year, whereas I get head colds and dry skin. Walking around dressed as the Michelin Man all day isn’t always ideal – despite feeling like the only alternative to being wrapped in a duvet.

Luckily, one of the biggest winter trends is also the warmest trend to hit the runway: faux fur. And more specifically in coats. Faux fur has developed so much over time, from an itchy and irritating plastic mess to giving an insulating and cosy feeling. The greatest thing about faux fur is that it’s available for an affordable price and in so many different styles.

My favourite thing about the winter time are jumpers. There’s no going wrong with a jumper, it’s impossible to wear one incorrectly. Living in the North means it’s acceptable to wear jumpers all year round, and no one is surprised when the winter wools start appearing in August. I have a special fondness for oversized jumpers, they’re easy to hide and feel snug in while still being on-trend. Jumpers, or sweaters, make great layers to stay warm and the woollier the better.

Finally, hosiery. This little gem is always forgotten and underestimated. There are so many different ways to experiment with tights in particular, including leggings. In many high street stores, basic black tights of any denier are inexpensive and durable for the colder season. There are so many different designs used with tights and leggings, it’s impossible not to find one you’re drawn to. The great thing about the wintry season is being able to wrap up warm and cosy whether you’re inside or out; and the trends are always adaptable.