Blogger Breaks Are Neccessary

There are a lot of bloggers who write whole blog posts on why they need a break. Explaining every reason why they need a pause from the social world or a few days or even weeks away from the big bright screen. Full-time bloggers depend on their blogs for income as well as a hobby, so when taking a break, they feel the need to totally and completely explain their motives.

Blogging is something I currently do as a hobby, on the side of my full-time job. When I’m working in the real world, I usually find myself daydreaming about the next time I’ll have a break; and when it’s too stressful, sometimes the best way to be productive is to take a break and step back. The same applies to blogging. I think all bloggers should have breaks every so often, as should never feel guilty for doing so, Bloggers are usually working while they’re on holiday, so why not take some real time out, spending time at home with a total media blackout?

I usually find myself having to take breaks as a blogger because I work 35+ hours a week and this can be quite a strain and bring pressure. However, I know that health comes first, so sometimes taking a blogging break is necessary, it’s essential. My blogger breaks usually mean no writing, social media-ing or following. If I come up with an idea while on this break I’l never hesitate to write it down;  but taking the occasional week out from typing until 2am feels so relaxing.

The thing I love most about taking a pause from the blogging world is the refreshing motivation I feel when I come back. At the moment, I’m on holiday from work which means I can spend plenty of my time pinning, reblogging and posting which makes me very happy. Although the pressure may return when I get back to work, I always know I can take a blogger break and that readers are always understanding.

Do you ever take a break from blogging?