Netflix Shows You Need to Binge Watch

My Netflix list is embarrassing long, and never seems to get any shorter no matter how hard I try. Despite the ever-growing list, there are some shows that I can watch for hours on end and never get tired of. Netflix has become the perfect hangover cure, and during my many hours of binge watching shows, I’ve come across a fun list of favourites.

I remember seeing this show advertise back in 2011, it become one of those “I want to watch that” shows that I never got round to watching. It sat in my Netflix list for a good few months before I decided to finally start the first episode and decide if I really want to watch it. In the first few minutes, I was immediately gripped. Although it isn’t the stereotypical thriller programme, the legal drama comes with an enormous amount of twists and turns. Since watching Suits, I’ve wanted to work at  Pearson Specter Litt and become a paralegal. I was glued to the first three seasons on Netflix, and loved the show so much, I bought season four DVD.

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl began as this rather unvalued show on ITV2. My friends and I would watch it every week, and try and figure out exactly who Gossip Girl was. I remember watching the finale and almost falling over from shock after all was revealed. Like Suits, Gossip Girl is a show you can watch for hours on end without realising the time passing by. It’s a programme to get wrapped up in, with characters that you’ll love and characters you will absolutely despise. All seasons are currently available on Netflix in the UK and the US, and the show is more popular than ever. Although Gossip Girl never had mind-blowing ratings while on TV, it’s become the perfect show to binge watch, xoxo.

How I Met Your Mother
HIMYM isn’t everyone’s favourite show, and it was never mine. Friends would always come first, but this programme is great to binge watch. The characters are quirky and funny, they’re full of charm and are extremely relatable. I usually catch two or three episodes on E4, but after seasons 1-9 were added to my list, I watch the show almost every day. It’s perfect for binge watching during my lunch hour and the short episodes are what help keep the show interesting. Plus, I usually find myself using the (legendary) catchphrases from the show.

Pretty Little Liars
This show doesn’t need any sort of introduction, it’s one of the most popular dramas in the world and still continues to maintain it’s addicting plot twists. I never know what’s coming, and I love it. One of the best things about the show is that most people watch it, so you can join in on the Twitter conversations and Tumblr theories, making this show officially binge-worthy. Although fashion isn’t the focus point of the teen drama, it’s one of the best shows for a little wardrobe inspiration. If you’re not familiar with the show, there are six dramatic seasons to catch up with, and plenty of characters to fall in love with!

Friday Night Lights
If you’ve following my blog for a while, you will know I’m obsessed with the National Football League and would have never come across this show if it wasn’t suggested by (the very handsome) Eric Decker. I was reluctant to watch the show, as I thought it might be quite boring and not have the excitement today’s NFL games have. After a few episodes I was hooked and loving the characters. The story is very realistic, and the great acting makes the show a great drama to become fascinated with. The plots twists aren’t over the top, and the programme doesn’t just consist of football. There are a wide variety of characters, some to love, some to fall in love with and some to absolutely loathe.

A few people have recommended this show to me, but on hearing that it’s set in 1557, I was instantly put off. Period dramas have never been a favourite, from Downton Abbey to Mr Selfridge. The ‘old’ sense just made it rather difficult for me to become really engaged with the characters, but I still decided to add Reign to my Netflix list. After a recent spring clean of my Netflix list, I played the first epiosde in the background while typing up a new blog post. Since that day, I haven’t be able to stop watching the show, it’s full of mystery, drama and romance – the perfect ingredients for a binge-worthy television programme.