Things I Miss About School


While in school, I never valued the food that was available at my fingertips. School lunches were never gourmet meals in my eyes, but always a reasonable price and ready whenever I need them. Now that I work from Monday to Friday, and have realised I can no longer afford to have Starbucks every day, I really miss being able to pick up an affordable sandwich with the swipe of a card at school and finding somewhere safe and clean to eat it. Every day I have to make a conscious effort to make my lunch which I ironically never have time to do.


I do have friends at work, but we can’t spend an hour gossiping about drama from trashy TV shows or discussing the latest office rumours. Work is for work, and although you should gave the same attitude at school, messing around with your friends is fun. Having friends at school means you can go through the troubling exams together and have a group of people you look forwards to seeing everyday.

Going home at 2:45

The ‘home time’ for each school varies, some are late and some, like mine are quite early. I remember my first day at work, and it got to around 3 o’clock and I was already happy to leave. Sadly, I still had another two hours to go before I could even think of leaving. Getting home while it’s still light out is behind me now, but it’s definitely something I miss.


This may sound like a bit of a strange one, but I really like doing homework. I used to enjoy getting stuck in a huge project and spending loads of my free time experimenting with different ways or creating something new. I wasn’t a huge fan of 5,000 word-essays at the time, but reading through a 200lb textbook doesn’t seem that bad any more. 


When it got to around Easter-time this year, I realised there’s no time off unless I ask for time off and even then it’s not that long. When I see my younger sister getting excited for the random two weeks she has off in the autumn or the extra long week during March, I can’t help but wish I could experience holidays like this again. Secular work does have holiday time, but it’s usually around 28 days rather than six weeks.


If there’s one thing that’s become extremely expensive since I started working, it’s clothing. As a fashion fanatic, I naturally want to try out new looks and trends I see when I’m out and about. I’m surrounded by shopping centres and markets so it’s very difficult to avoid, but when I was in school, what I wore was the least of my worries and the carefree mindset was the only one I had.