Possibly the Worst Tuesday Ever | Journal

I’ve had a lot of bad days, a lot of days that include
nothing but bad luck and zero sunshine. Last Tuesday was one of those days for
me, and it was already an incredibly strange week. When I write journal posts,
it’s usually to tell blog readers about the super weird experiences I have had
or anxiety-ridden events I have visited. But today, today was just bad luck and
hopefully it will make your day a little bit better.

First of all, I was having a bad week. Monday resulted in me
complaining to New Look after one of their delivery men made extremely
disgusting racial comments to me and my friend. And not just the casual out of
taste joke, a deliberate jab which we had to drive away from as he followed us
around. Then, on Tuesday morning my friend and I decided to go for a nice walk
as the weather was supposed to pick up. What happened? Oh well it absolutely
threw it down. Not just a little drizzle, like your average summer shower; the
heavens opened and we were drenched within 5 minutes. After warming up and attempting
to dry off in the car (which didn’t start to well, but we’ll get to that
later), we went for a coffee. Unfortunately, we were’nt able to drink anything
because the shop we visited had a broken machine (basically like every
milkshake machine and every McDonald’s) and very little to offer in the bakery.
So by 12pm, we were cold, wet and starving.

After heading back to the car, we got in, my friend turned
the key which resulted in… nothing. Nothing. The car, a Toyota Aygo, would not
turn on or make a single noise. The battery worked, as the lights, wipers and
radio worked, but the engine made no noise, no matter how hard you turned the
key. My friend called her cousin, who took half an hour to reach us and tried
to bump start the car. After pushing the little silver vehicle down the road
with no success, we drove in his car, to his mother’s house (bear in mind I had
never met my friend’s cousin or his mum) so he could get his jump cables from his friend’s car to restart my friend’s car. If you’re lost at this
point, don’t worry about it.

So we return to my friend’s stranded car, and try the jump
cables (it’s still raining pretty badly). With zero luck, the car doesn’t even
flicker, and we know it’s gone. A good thing to remember is that my friend is a
self-employed hairdresser and had six clients that afternoon, and I had to get to
work as soon as possible with an enormous project to finish for the trustees by
the end of the day. My friend’s cousin confirmed the reason the car isn’t
starting is because the starter motor has shut down… packed in… completely
gone. After a forty-five minute phone
conversation, breakdown agreed to pick up the car (for a ridiculous price) and
take it to a garage who could fix it. Now the only thing to solve was how I was
going to get to work and how my friend was going to travel to each of her

Her cousin amazingly planned to drop us both everywhere, but
that wouldn’t make sense so he had to drive us back to his mum’s house (still
strangers to me!) and we took his mum’s car and I was dropped at the
nearest bus station and my friend continued on to her clients. The story
doesn’t end yet! My bus was 20 minutes late, and I was still slightly damp and
certainly not dressed for the freezing weather. Once the Leeds-bound bus
arrived, it broke down fifteen minutes into the journey – in the middle of nowhere.
To make the day worse, a miniature fight broke out on the bus over the decision
to keep the windows open or closed. That’s a loud discussion I decided to stay
out of and just did the whole my-headphones-are-in-and-I’m-not-here thing to
avoid drama. Eventually, I convinced the bus driver to let me off the bus,
apparently something that’s not allowed, and I walked about an hour to work.

By almost 3pm, I got to work and at my desk (still a little
wet through) and managed to spill an entire cup of tea across the keyboard.
Once I got home, I changed right in my onsie and settled down to watch my
favourite series, Once Upon A Time, only to have the power cut out in my entire
area for the next five hours. Ugh.

So I think it’s safe to say I literally had the worst
Tuesday ever

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