Feelin’ Seasonal

Since September hit us, I’ve been feeling different, but
good different. I don’t know what it is about this time of year but I always
feel a lot more motivated than usual; maybe because I can sit in cosy coffee
houses and watch autumn blow by, rather than stick to a plastic deck chair and
try not to get sunstroke. I do love summer, but autumn is an easy favourite.
It’s the biggest season in fashion, the prettiest season in nature, and the
cosiest season in the year. Whenever I’m feeling inspired, my go-to app or site
is Pinterest. I do still
adore Tumblr, but that has
one specific theme running through it. On the other hand, I can create as many
boards on Pinterest for whatever I like and fill them with my favourite things.
As announced on Twitter, I made a
few new boards over the past few days and had to share them on Anika May.


One of the best things this season has to offer are the cosy
nights. It’s surely a struggle when you actually have to go outside and brave
the chilly winds, but wrapping up in a big cotton blanket with candles, apple
cider, your favourite slippers and the falling leaves outside is a perfect
evening. Even campfires during this time of year are amazing because everyone
can cuddle up and keep warm. In the UK, autumn means Bonfire Night, which
equals fireworks and sparklers for everyone too!


I used to always say winter was my favourite time of year.
There’s something about snow that makes me feel really happy, even though I get
sick of it after a while. You can guarantee winter will roll around and I will
be complaining about being cold and wishing I was back inside again, I’m
annoying like that. Nevertheless, I do like how pretty snow looks and the
excitement felt when the first icicle of many appears. Wrapping up in warm
clothes is so much fun, and winter results in plenty of woolly hats and
oversized jumpers.


Although I thought ‘Autumn Vibes’ might be similar to cosy
nights, I couldn’t miss out the vibes from my favourite season in one board! Autumn
is such a beautiful season, and brings out amazing colours in the trees – it
never ceases to amaze me. Fashion wise, I love the layers autumn brings, and
the new tones that match the theme of the season. I own a lot of cardigans, so
this time of year is the perfect few months to put them to use. Similarly, my
bedroom has slowly been filling with candles and is now ready to burst – I
can’t wait to use them!


I’m a spring baby (hence the May in Anika May) so I have a
soft spot for that time of year. One thing I really like about spring is that
it brings those amazing shower storms, and the beautiful blossoms. In the town
where I live, there is a main street that runs through to the next one. This
wide road is littered with blossom trees from beginning to end, and when the
wind blows, it looks like it’s almost raining petals. Plus, the lambs are born
in the spring time, and watching them jump around makes me heart so happy.