12 Habits of a Successful BOSS.

21 July 2017

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I'm all about being your own boss, or bad-ass, or killer-queen. Anything the means taking control of your life and letting the world know who's in charge makes me happy. Plus, anything that encourages self-love and positivity also makes me very happy. There are some people out there who may think: "She's not a BOSS." But funny thing, I don't care. Because I know I'm a boss, the only approval I need is my own. So here are some of the top tips I live by, as my own bad-ass BOSSSSS.

A true boss will never think inside the box, or dream small. It's simply having that all-or-nothing mindset that fuels fiery determination. Ambition is everything when it comes to dominating life. From romance to your career, it's always best to aim high if you want those awesome results. 

As my own boss, I literally never spend money. Unless it's treat yo self day and I'm splurging in the latest season's sale at Trinity Leeds. It's a very hard habit to get into, but saving is so key in every aspect of life. Watch that bank account grow!

Stressing out is not cool. We all do it, I do it 99.99% of the time, but it's not a good habit to have. When the pressure gets too much, it's important to remember that a boss will keep her cool, remember that she's a BOSS and continue to be a BOSS! 

Rules are totally meant to be broken. Why else would they be there? The glass ceiling, or that invisible barrier that's holding you back demands to be broken. A boss would never allow a silly set of rules to stop her from achieving her goal, unless they're for safety of course. 

I definitely struggle to become independent from time to time, but as the successful boss I strive to be, I know that working life out on my own is a big part of growing up. Leaning on people for support is natural and always helpful, but if a boss wants to do something on her own, she'll do it on her own!

The ideas never stop coming. A dry spell happens every so often, but it's never the end of the world. The bright ideas notepad is never too far away and full of creative concepts, whether they will be the winner or not. Drafts are the stepping stones to success. 

A solid routine is the way forward. It's how the day gets started and how it ends. Plus it keeps the day going and everything in order - just the way a boss likes it. There's something about knowing what's coming that brings peace to the mind. 

Pretty much needed at any given time, but especially for a boss. To create a successful routine, you have to be organised in the first place. Developing this skill takes time and training but it's always worth it.

As much fun as success may be, having fun is way better. There's something about hard work that makes the pay-off ten thousand times better. The greatest part? Loving what you do and doing what you love. As the weekend rolls around, have fun!

Bad-ass bosses are smart. They're smart in whatever field they want to feel smart in. It could be any topic or activity under the sun, but education is incredibly important. Not only is it an enormous luxury to be able to learn, but also beneficial for future boss adventures. 

It's all fun and games until something goes wrong and you lose the will to continue. That's a big no-no for a boss. Nothing throws them off, no one puts them off. If a boss wants to achieve she WILL achieve. Say this out-loud every so often, and keep your eyes on the prize. 

A boss certainly isn't bothered about the opinions of others. Success looks different to everybody. You don't necessarily need to compete with or copy people to do well. Just be confident in you. Love yourself. And you'll become the next big BOSS!
A couple of my BOSS must-haves:

5 Ways to Stay Healthy This Summer

17 July 2017

The summer is upon us and it is the perfect time to get outdoors and have fun. Already on Anika May we set out 5 achievable summer goals that we believed would make the summer that bit more special. In this post we look at 5 ways to stay healthy this summer.

Avoid Sunburn

Sunburn is one way to really put a dampener on your summer holidays and day-to-day activities. Vitamin D is very good for you but too much sunlight and you could end up spending a lot of the summer indoors. Studies show that sunburn increases the chances of certain skin cancers. The easiest way to avoid sunburn is to make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen throughout the day. This way you will get all the benefits of being outdoors without having to worry about the sun.

Eat Healthy

Make the summer the start of your healthy eating diet. The summer months will be full of food markets and you can use these as an excuse to try new and exciting foods. The summer days are also perfect for outdoor cooking along with salads and other healthy dishes. If you need any inspiration Good House Keeping made a list of over 60 summer dishes. Make this summer the one where you change your diet. 

Make Plans With Friends

Long summer days are perfect to spend with friends at the beach, parks or even at the local pub. Sometimes it can feel that our lives are too busy to make plans and we can end up isolating ourselves. Use the summer as an excuse to spend some quality time with your pals. Activities like camping are a perfect way to take advantage of the warm weather and the great outdoors. 

Take Up a New Sport

Why not use the summer to try a new sport. Getting the motivation to exercise can be challenging and sometimes you need a fresh start. The clear weather is great for playing outdoor sports with your friends and family. If you’re feeling really adventurous you may want to head to the beach and try a water sport like surfing or body boarding. Nothing says summer like surf culture and to get you in the mood you could watch a film like Blue Crush. Surf culture is an important part of pop culture with different types of media using it to enhance the summer feel. One notable company is digital gaming platform Spin Genie who promote the lifestyle through their Wild Water slots game. Be sure to try something adventurous and make your summer is truly something to remember. 

Visit a New Place

Don’t stay at home during the summer. Use the free days to visit somewhere new. This could be a new country or even a new part of the UK. For example, The Guardian ran a list of the six best festivals on the UK coast this summer. Why not take the leap and visit a new place with your friends or family. Not only will it give you something to do but it will get you outdoors. If you need any more encouragement, Positive Health Wellness made a list of 8 reasons why travelling is good for your health.

We hope this list has encouraged you to have a healthy summer. The most important part of any summer season is that you stay happy.
This post is a guest post. 

Dear Teenage Me

10 July 2017

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Dear Teenage Me,

It’s officially been two whole years since you were a teenager and so much has changed. Let’s just say I’m writing this from the future, and I have some tips to help you through those rough years.
So, you’re thirteen. You’ve been in school for about a year and a half and so far, you’re loving it. Here’s my first tip: stay positive, because there are numerous factors that will try to dim your light. Friends, teachers, family and even your surroundings. Don’t let those negative vibes get into your heart. One more thing… do not create a Facebook account and set a pair of Converse as your profile photo.

Now you’re fourteen. Your first crush just passed you in the hallway and he’s dating your best friend. Don’t stress about him, boys are trash. Actually, don’t stress about anything. You’ve already completed your first proper exam and to be honest: they all feel like that. They’re not that big of a deal and in five years you’ll look back and laugh at how silly you were.

You made it to fifteen. Life is shooting by, and you’re desperate for it to slow down. Right now, is the prime of teenage life so make as many memories as possible. Friends will come and go, but those memories will last forever. You’ll finally invest in that camera you were desperate for, and start up your first blog: Mannequin Mode. Oh, and you’ll discover Tumblr – that’s loads of fun.
dear teenage me, anika may, winter style, winter coat, blogger style, winter fashion, ootd, floral dress, winter florals
Hurray, sixteen! Bebo is long gone, and Facebook is pretty dead to you too. Now a couple of things are legal for you, but it doesn’t mean you have to do them all. I’m begging you, stop flirting with your science partner and focus on your GCSE’s. You know what you want to do, fall in love with it. And try blogging again, I really think you’ll like it.

So seventeen has rolled around and you feel no different. Although that whole adult thing is starting to set in. Don’t be scared! Remember when I said negative feelings have no room in your heart? That still applies. Sixth form is in full swing and it’s truly your time to shine. You may only have a few friends, but don’t lose that confidence. Don’t let anxiety win.

Congratulations, you reached eighteen. I guess you ignored my previous advice because it seems anxiety is ruling your life. But not to worry, you’ll start taking the steps to fight it, you just have to accept it. Everyone’s pushing you to go to university but you hate school and know you don’t want to go. Don’t bother with UCAS and don’t let anyone bully you into it. Now that you’re legally an adult, you can buy alcohol – not that you weren’t drinking it like orange juice before. Chill out with that. You know that blog, Anika May? Keep going with that.

Nineteen! Last year of being a teen and the time you want to mature and become more independent. You’ll get your first job during this year and hate it. But that’s normal. There’s people there that will trigger your anxiety and those down days. But focus on the good, and it’ll be over soon. That doctor’s appointment you booked? Go. Forget the opinions of others and you’ll soon start to see that confidence shine. Be happy with your body, your face and your mind. Once you believe it, you’ll see it. I promise.

There’s Just Something About Nature

6 July 2017

I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about being outdoors that does wonders for my mind. And the weird thing is, I’m not an outdoorsy person at all. I’ve been camping once in my entire life, and it was for a Year 9 school trip… it was compulsory. And my experience wasn’t great, I was forced to eat Quorn (I hate Quorn) and had to take part in orientation: basically an activity which involves 14-year-old children running around a field looking for signposts – not fun.
I’m also terrified of most insects. In fact, all of them. Autumn-time is great, because they all disappear (apart from September which is known as #ScarySpiderSeason). Basically, I don’t love being outside. I can be a bit of a couch potato and once stayed in my room for 18 hours straight.

However, recently, I’ve been doing a lot more yoga and trying to get out more, especially because it’s summer. I live in one of the most scenic areas of West Yorkshire, so I’ve always loved exploring the woods and moors. But exercise is incredibly important to me too. I’m still working on the diet side, but taking a walk is easy and effortless. I’ve even started running! Since stepping out the door a little more, I’ve noticed how much clearer everything is when I’m surrounded by nature. A natural environment provides a clear mind and it’s astounding seeing the benefits. Not only on my physical health, but also my mental.
As we’re already into July and well into summer (how?!), I’m making it a goal to get out at least five times a week. You should join me, it’ll be fun! Now that I have my Snapchat up and running, I like to document basically everything. There truly is something magical about nature. The sound of birds singing, the way trees light up in the sunlight and even the smell of cow manure. It all delivers a fresh outlook. If you’re ever stress or struggling with something, I would totally suggest taking a walk, a jog or a run. Even if that means driving a little while to get somewhere quiet.

Hiking will be next for me. I’m definitely looking for some nice spots to explore around the UK, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

Have a great week!

3 Reasons Why Rejection Is a Good Thing

2 July 2017

Rejection is definitely a bitter pill to swallow. It’s not something that many take lightly, and certainly something many take personally. I’ve had my fair share of rejection in life, from quite a few angles, but it doesn’t always have to be the end of the world. Whether it’s from a job, a loved one or your pet cat – sometimes rejection can be a good thing.

It’s a chance to grow
Once rejection hits, you have the opportunity to let it destroy you, or make you stronger. Everyone’s heard the whole “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” motto, and it’s true. Self-doubt can be converted into self-reflection and provides the motivation to change those little things that would make you a better person, to your own standards of course. Sometimes, all that’s needed is that kick up the bum or slap in the face to alter an outlook on life or create room to grow.
It’s a chance to start over
Ever look back at rejection and think: “Thank goodness that happened”? I do. There’s been jobs I was desperate to have, thinking it was going to be the greatest step in my life. Then when I didn’t get the position I wanted, I thought “…oh well”. Now looking back, I truly feel grateful the opportunity wasn’t handed to me because I got the chance to start over, and find something better. It’s good to remember there’s always something better around the corner.
You took a risk
Life gets a little boring if you only ever play it safe. Although it’s good sometimes to refuse to gamble, at the same time, it’s important to take a risk and put yourself out there. That’s how we learn life lessons and figure out the type of person we want to be. No matter what form the rejection comes in, you still took a risk, even if it didn’t pay off. It’s something to learn from and something to remember.
Let downs make victories feel better
It’s known that you appreciate something more, after losing something first. Well, losing out on something, or being rejected in some way makes acceptance taste that much sweeter. It’s like the giant payoff after a long wait, or countless failed attempts. I always think of it as playing one of those basketball arcade games. I’m terrible at them, and hardly get any in, but the minute one ball falls through the basket, I feel awesome and I’m on a roll. The same applies to rejection! You may have faced your fair share of no’s in the past, but that one yes is going to mean so much more.

5 Achievable Summer Goals

28 June 2017

Eldwick, UK
Summer is well underway at the moment, and I’m loving every minute of it. Despite the sudden heat in the UK, which everyone seems to be dealing (struggling) with in their own way, I’m welcoming the rise in temperature. Summer for me, is the time to get stuff done. The days are longer, much lighter and easier to handle. As much as I love the cosiness of winter, waking up when it’s dark and coming home when it’s dark makes me want to curl up with a film, rather than run the world.

01. Put on a new personality.
Personally, I’m a little negative. I always say it’s me being realistic but actually I’m just being a bit of a downer. After taking inspiration from new friends, bloggers and public figures that I admire, I’ve decided to switch up the way I see the world a little bit. I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that my aim is to be more positive, and summer is the perfect time to do so! It’s bright outside, and I’m like 80% sure that affects mood. I know all I want to do is sing, dance and have a good time when the sun appears, which means much more optimism.
Not that there’s anything wrong with my current personality, I’ve always been taught there’s room for improvement. Grab a mirror and take a look, what do I want to change inside. Maybe the sarcastic comments? The snappy attitude? The negative outlook? They’re just a couple of things I want to get rid of. I think in the long run, a little self-reflection is incredibly beneficial. I’m 21 and still growing, so summer’s the time to get that kick up the bum.
02. Take thousands of photos.
I feel like this goal is a very “just girly things” kind of goal, but it still counts. As a freelance photographer, I’m always taking photos. Like, constantly. But most the photos I take are for work or as a hobby. I have a DSLR, and I want to pick it up, get out of town and take a bunch of photos with my friends. Not some weak Snapchat videos with frilly filters and fuzzy audio. Some real photographs that I can look back on in thirty years and tear up at (awwwww). They say you should live in the moment, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I also think it’s important to capture the moment the best way you can.
Some are happy with the mental image that lasts forever. I have the memory of a goldfish and can’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning let alone what I did with my friends last summer. Photos make me happy, so I wanna take waaaaay more.

03. Be an adult.
I guess this is an odd one, but a truthful one. I’m 21-years-old, which is classed as an adult pretty much everywhere in the world. But sometimes, I live like a 12-year-old, depending on my mum and not wanting to face a very fast-paced life. That’s got to stop, or at least chill out a bit. Being older definitely scares me, and I know I’m not alone in that boat. There’s something about being independent that’s empowering but terrifying. I’m always crazy shocked when there’s a 18-year-old living on her own, with a job, a car, and a dog named Bentley.
Comparison can certainly be a mood-killer, but not if I use it for inspiration. Sometimes I need to grow up a bit, and aiming to be a little more independent and being open to growing is the way to do that this summer.
04. Party hard. Work harder.
As I’ve said 300 times, I’m 21, which also means I can drink all over the world (whoop)! I’m a bit of a party animal when I want to be, so every opportunity to have a good time is going to be taken this summer. It’s an easy goal to have and one that’s definitely achievable. Whether it’s a one-woman rave or this season’s coolest after party – I’m there.
At the same time, I also want to dominate my secular game. I currently work for a Yorkshire-based charity that’s kind of like my baby. As its non-government funded, I work my bum off with the staff to keep us afloat and it’s very rewarding when we receive a donation for our hard work or an extra like on Facebook. That feeling is only felt after working hard, so even though the sun’s out, I might not always be. I totally want to have fun, that’s part of being young, but at the same time it’s important to build a foundation for life and something to be proud of.

05. Read a ton of books.
Maybe not literally, but close. I bought a whole shelf’s worth of books in the spring, with the intention of finishing them all by then end of August. So far, I’m three books in and have quite a few to go but I couldn’t be happier. One of the main reasons I read is for entertainment, but I also love to expand my vocabulary and have something else to think about rather than the mess the world is falling into. One thing that’s different about my choice in books this year, is that I’m reading them for me. A lot of the time, we’re influenced by other people into what we think we should be doing.
Well I’m done with that, I’ll read whatever I want to read and do whatever I want to do. Maybe I don’t want to read 13th century literature while I lounge in the sunshine – doesn’t mean I’m any less of a person or book-lover and the same applies to everyone else.

One thing I noted while writing this post, is that it’s my summer. And your summer is your summer. Set your own goals, achieve your own dreams, and imagine whatever makes you happy, because without that, it’s very hard to have a hope. Happy summer!

Ten Thoughts for Thursday

22 June 2017

Leeds, UK
#1 You are not alone
It’s always good to remember there are other people in this boat with you. I often put myself in my own little bubble, and it’s not the best way to deal with things. You’re never alone!

#2 There’s room for improvement
I always like to think there’s a chance for something to get better. There’s growing space in most situations, so it’s time to notice that space and use it.

#3 It’s not the end of the world
Although it may certainly feel like it. It’s difficult to find comfort in the mess of today’s world, but it certainly isn’t the end.

#4 Smile back
There’s something really special about smiling back when you make eye contact with someone. In Yorkshire it’s a normal thing, but I think the whole world should do it.

#5 Just do it
Quoting one of the biggest brands, but one of the best sayings. That thing you’ve been avoiding all week – get it over with.

#6 Do what brings you joy
I hate anything that feels like a chore as much as the next person, which is why it’s vital to save some time for the joyful things in life.

#7 Watch some cartoons
I’m a big girl but SpongeBob will always make me smile. It’s an odd fact, but I know I’m not the only. Throw on an animated series and have a laugh.

#8 Forget the past
What’s done is done. Just take the lesson, accept the principle and move on. You only ever move the direction you’re facing, so turn around.

#9 Value everything
Sometimes it takes a shock in life for us to focus on what’s really special in life. Why not just value those things, or people, while they’re there?

And finally, #10 Pizza is awesome

Unless you seriously hate pizza, pizza is the best. I had a Domino's this week, and it brought me so much joy I just had to add it to today's post. 

Exploring in Floral

15 June 2017

Eldwick, UK
Going for walks has got to be one of my favourite things to do. It’s a very basic activity, you don’t need much, but the benefits are always positive. Whenever I’m in a bad mood, not feeling well, or want to get some easy exercise in, I just go for a walk. Luckily for me, I live in quite the scenic area of Yorkshire, so a beautiful stroll is only two steps away.
What I wear on a walk depends on each day. Today, was a beautiful summer’s day so I wanted to be a little girly and threw on a floral dress from Next. Florals have been my favourite pattern since being a child. The print can come in basically any shape or size and can be worn to literally anything – which makes them awesome. Unfortunately, when I pulled up to my location, a rainstorm broke out (I knew this sudden heatwave was too good to be true) and the woods quickly filled with water. But the best thing about post-rain walks, is that everything looks SO. MUCH. GREENER. The trees and plants are even more alive!

Converse have become a big go-to shoe to me recently, and I feel like up until now, I was really taking them for granted. I’ve had this classic pair since school, and they’re still in top condition (minus the mud). I love how they add a casual twist to this look paired with a denim jacket. Converse all the way! Shop the pieces from this look below!

5 Netflix Shows You Need to Watch This Month

12 June 2017

Bingley, UK
I’m a self-confessed Netflix lover. Ever since signing up, I have just adored the site and use it more than I use usual TV. There are a lot of TV shows and series that I have grown to love, and watched way more than three times. Therefore, my joy must be shared!

01. Girlboss
The phrase #GIRLBOSS is pretty famous thanks to Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso, and this show is a total inspiration. Although it hasn’t received the best reviews from critics and some feminists, I still love how determined and unique Britt Robertson’s character is. The story is interesting, very much like the book, even though the narrative is a little slow. If you’re looking for the motivation to start your own business or jump into the fashion industry, check out this show.

02. 13 Reasons Why
I completely understand why this show was controversial. Some scenes were truly terrifying to watch. Why you should watch it? Well not only because everyone is talking about it, but because this show will alter the way you look at the world. While watching it, I started to think about my own personal demons and actually become motivated to defeat them. I was moved by Hannah’s story, as well as Clay’s emotional turmoil as each episode unfolded. There’ll be characters you love, totally despise and want to hug. It’s a series full of relatable types and eye-opening messages. But please watch with caution!

03. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Whenever I’m on my lunch break, I look for something light and humours to watch, as it’ll lower my stress levels and put me in a better mood before I return to an afternoon of reports and cold cups of tea. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is that perfect show. Not only is it truly hilarious, but I fell in love with the characters, especially Titus. You’ll often see gifs of him floating around the internet, so tune in and enjoy.

04. Riverdale
I can’t lie, I really struggled with this show at first. With the first few episodes, I couldn’t get addicted, and didn’t relate to the characters this much. By the third or fourth, and a little encouragement from my friends, I really started to enjoy the show as more details of the mysterious murder were revealed. One thing I noticed with the characters in this show, is that you really get to know them and their lives, and are able to make your own decision as to whether or not you like them. And like any good show, there are some great couples to obsess over!

05. Gossip Girl… obviously
I mean, if you haven’t watched this show. Kmt. I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve been a Gossip Girl fan since it first showed on ITV2 a couple of years ago. I became obsessed then and I’m still obsessed now. It’s definitely the show that helped me to fall in love with New York City, fashion and glamour. The drama is enough to have you hooked, and each season has a hint of mystery; on top of the biggest mystery of all – who Gossip Girl is!

Six Ways I’m Approaching Blogging Differently

7 June 2017

Kettering, UK
In December 2016, I decided to take a break from blogging because I fell out of love with it. During this time, I wanted to really figure out the type of person I want to be, and I want that person to be the same online, as in real life. Blogging became more a chore for me and I feel like all the joy was zapped out of it. And articles from bigger bloggers saying the market is saturated and there’s no room for everyone else doesn’t help, but it isn’t going to stop me. I’m back to blogging for good, and I have six different ways I’m going to ensure that happens.

One of the main reasons I fell out of love with blogging is because I was comparing my blog to everyone else’s. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve and grow as a person, but it should be to your own standards, not to the achievements of someone else. I was measuring my success based on how similar I was to other bloggers I looked up to, and when I wasn’t close to them, it started to get me down. I’ll still look up to bloggers, but not try to become them. I wanna be me!

I used to really pressure and push myself while blogging, almost to the point of not wanting to even switch my computer on. I used to seriously freak out if I wasn’t getting four blog posts out a week and had to post on Instagram three times a day. That’s when blogging really became a chore. I was even setting reminders to tweet and so on. Now that blogging is more personal to me, I’m posting when I feel I should post (but still frequently) and tweeting what I’m actually thinking, rather than just a quote of the day or a photo of my breakfast. With Instagram, I still post every day, but filling up people’s feeds isn’t at the top of my list any more.

When blogging my daily outfits, I used to use any old photos and just hope for the best. I have a chunky DSLR that takes killer photos, and awesome lenses, so I’m going to make use of them! I really enjoy photography and my sister (sort of) enjoys taking photos of me in random locations, which means I really need to up my game. Instead of finding hit and miss Tumblr images, I want to spend time arranging flat lays, or planning the set up for my photos, so they not only reflect my personality, but also improve the quality of my blog.

The number one reason I started a blog is because I love to write. When I was younger, I really thought I was going to be an author or a journalist because creative writing and sharing my thoughts it my passion. I have quite a few blog posts sitting in my drafts that I wrote to inspire my readers. However I was always a little scared to publish them, worried that it means I won’t fit in to the whole “fashion” market, or that I was straying too far from my niche. Well my blog is named after myself, and myself shall decide what I publish. From photography, to travel to journal posts, I want to share it all.

There’s very little chance I’m going to become a YouTuber over the next six months, but I recently edited a video called “24 Hours in London” which I shot on my iPhone 7. I really enjoyed the editing process and loved the final product. Creating a travel video out of the phone footage was genuinely an enjoyable experience and I definitely want to continue doing so. I may start small, with the occasional trip around Yorkshire or even some drone footage. But soon, I want to be able to share travel videos online!

As I mentioned earlier, my blog is named Anika May. That’s me. There’s no point creating a little corner on the internet for myself, if I’m not being myself. I finally know the type of person I am, and I know who I want to grow to become. It’s not another blogger, or a celebrity, or even one of my friends – it’s just me. Anika. I’m not that cool, I don’t pout in photos and I like spending hours watching trash TV. I no longer want to hide aspects of my personality or worry what people think of me because it’s my blog, and it always will be. Haters gon’ hate…right?

June Goals

1 June 2017

Harrogate, UK
June’s officially the start of the summer for me and I have so much planned. Not only am I upping my blogging game, but I also want to improve my own personality and grow stronger friendships.

Get back my blogging groove – I used to post six times a week, which I now know is way too many times for my busy brain to handle, but the chaos was kind of fun and I’d like to publish more photography online.

Meet more bloggers – I haven’t met many bloggers in real life, and although I have mutual followers and so forth online, it would be lovely to really establish friendships with more in this wonderful community and get to know the people behind the URLs.

Update my CV – I currently work part-time for my mama’s charity, but my CV hasn’t been touched for about two years. Granted, I’m not looking for a job, but the media kit for my blog is always updated; I guess my CV should be too!

See my family – My extended family members literally live twenty minutes away and I barely see them. This results in broken relationships which isn’t healthy in the long run. I have quite a few cousins, and we should all be a lot closer!

More girls’ nights – For the first time in a long time, I have friends that I enjoy being around. There’s no cliques and there’s no drama – just how I like it. I love when we have our girly nights in and we need waaaaaaaay more.

Bond with my mum and sister – My mum, sister and I have one of the most hilariously interesting relationships I’ve ever known. We’re a peculiar bunch and could be yelling at each other one minute and howling with laughter the next… I want more of that.

Gym, gym and gym – I haven’t hit the gym in a while and it’s just because I’m lazy. I sort of gave up on the health kick I was on, and I’d love to hop back on that train. Being in the peak of physical health is the goal!

Prep my meals – One of the major things that lets me down is the food I eat. I hate cooking with a burning passion and will do quite a few things to avoid it, like buy Pot Noodles when they’re on offer. If I prepare my meals in advance, I’m sure it’ll help.

Take a yoga class – I’ve always been intrigued by yoga, and I love how it’s so beneficial and challenging for the body. It seems like one of those exercises that you will start to look forward to, rather than dread.

Late summer nights – Summer means more daylight and a higher temperature, that means campfires, woodland adventures and so much more. I can’t wait to get started, 2017 will be the best summer yet!

Take a holiday – I haven’t got anything booked yet, but taking a spontaneous trip to a country I’ve never been to sounds like the dream. Just something care-free and fun is sure to lift my spirits and help me enjoy the year with my friends.

Vlog – I already have one little travel diary from London sitting in my “Videos” folder, ready to upload to YouTube, but I don’t know if I’m ready. I think the more I vlog, the more comfortable and confident I will become with my skills.

Attain more freelance jobs – I really enjoy doing the odd job here and there, it’s such a fun change to my regular routine and helps me build experience in the real world. I’d love to do more, whether it’s photography or a sponsored post on my blog.

Buy a MacBook – Don’t get me wrong, I adore Windows, but Windows doesn’t come with some of the software I need. MacBooks are the key to upping my blogging and vlogging game and I think buying one would help me a lot… I just need some money…

Buy a camera – At the moment, my iPhone 7 does the perfect job of taking snaps when my DSLR is deemed too heavy, but I’d love to purchase something in the middle. I’ve had my eye on the Canon G7x Mark ii, maybe June is the month I buy it.

Be positive – One of the reasons I took a break from blogging is because I no longer saw it in a positive light. That’s got to change. There may be some bloggers who believe there’s no room for anyone else to shine or that the market is saturated… who needs that kind of negativity?

Journal daily – I have a journal specifically for making note of when my anxiety gets the best of me or when I struggle to control my emotions. I definitely to write down how I feel a lot more, as storing it all in my brain just isn’t healthy.

Start saving – Not just to have money, but for my future. I have a very ambitious mind set and have already decided my next car will be a Mercedes. If I want to buy one, I need cash. Saving money from blogging and my pay-check is definitely a June goal.

What are you goals for this month?

Things I Wish I Knew When I Learned to Drive

29 May 2017

Bingley, UK
I started learning to drive in June 2016 and passed in November 2016 – so basically it took me four months to drive. I’ll admit I hated it at first. Truly, I didn’t understand why it was a privilege and didn’t appreciate the opportunity at first. After every lesson I wanted to give up. Now that I’m an independent and fully licenced driver, (who passed first time with one minor may I add) I look back and realise there’s a couple of tips I wish I had, before I got into the driver seat.

Keep calm!
Panic is an understatement when it comes to an error when driving. I remember the first time I stalled, oh my goodness I basically had a breakdown. It’s difficult to encourage yourself to keep cool, calm and collected, but really helps. It’s really easy to allow nerves to take over. There’s this little thing called clutch foot, which is a result of nerves taking over the body. It’s definitely terrifying when it comes to getting in a car for the first time, 10mph feels like 500 – but freaking out is not the answer. Take a few deep breathes when the pressure gets too much, roll down a window to cool down or request silence to help concentrate!
Be honest!
Let me tell you a little story: I needed the toilet while on one of my two-hour driving lessons. I hid it from my instructor for most the hour, but then told him I was bursting (I really was – the nerves got to me) and pulled (unsafely) into a random street. Because I was so desperate, I managed to accidentally mount the rather high pavement, and basically got out the car and ran. I knocked on the friendliest looking house and asked to use the toilet. The lovely woman (shoutout to Linda) allowed me to use the bathroom. Once I returned to the car, my instructor said: “maybe next time we just stop at a supermarket when you need the loo, huh?” I was so embarrassed. So quick tip: be honest with your instructor about how you’re feeling emotionally… and physically.

Do research!
Before even learning to drive, it’s good to know you’re a really good company. I really like Pass ‘N’ Go, mainly because they offer such a wide range of courses and have their own online blog. Driving instructors can be expensive, and not all are well trained, so going with a well-known company is useful. Plus, Pass ‘N’ Go have their own shop, when you can purchase study packs for theory and motorway courses. I did hours upon hours of revision for my theory test and that’s what help me pass first time! I managed to get majority of the test answers right, and got only two hazard perception clips wrong – but it still counts as a pass! If I didn’t revise before, there’s no way I would have known the answer to half the questions so doing the right research is very important. Then you don’t have to pay for a whole new theory test!
Cars are expensive!
As a child, I was always saying: “So basically when I’m 18 I’ll but my Range Rover Sport in matte black with hot pink rims and chrome accents.” Yeah… that didn’t happen. I didn’t even know insurance, break down cover and road tax existed back that and I still struggle to accept it now. Trust me, when I bought my adorable little Vauxhall Corsa in January, I had tears in my eyes. Partially from happiness, but also from the paid of paying for insurance and having to live the next twelve months with a black box. Anyone relate? Yup, black boxes suck. Even when I began driving lessons I assumed I would just be able to buy a car the day I passed. I’m not super rich, so sadly that didn’t happen.

Traffic is the new hell!

Before I knew how a car even operated, traffic didn’t bother me! I will never forget being with my mum or dad, who would yell and huff and puff in frustration of stand-still cars, and I never understood it. Now…now, I understand it. My goodness, it has got to be one of the worst things in the world – how do people in capital cities live?! Oh and I hate traffic lights too, they’re nobody’s friend. Before I got my licence, I thought things like getting MOT checks and have to park would be the bane of my life. Nope! Driving at peak times is. 
This post is in collaboration with Pass ‘N’ Go. 
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