PR gifts and samples: I occasionally receive gifts and samples from brands as a blogger, and these will be marked with an asterisk (*). I will only promote or blog about products I would use, wear or genuinely recommend. However, many of the items shown on Anika May are bought with my own money or made at home.

Honesty & opinions: In the world of influencers and social media, many feel like the line between advertisement and reliability is fading away. I wouldn’t want any reader to feel this way about my blog. Every opinion stated on Anika May is my own, and I will always let you know if I’ve been sent something (see above) or if I receive payment for promotion. As a blog reader myself, I value honesty and reliability in every author, and those are qualities I intend to maintain throughout my entire life.

Affiliate links: Anika May is a member of a number of affiliate programmes, such as RewardStyle, ShopStyle and SkimLinks to earn a percentage of commission on product sales, much like many other bloggers. Therefore, this site uses cookies. Links to the product do not alter the price in any way, and the buyer is still able to purchase an item the same way they would if they were to search the product themselves. If you have any questions about links on my blog, drop me an email and I’ll get back to you!

Photos and content: All photos on Anika May are taken and edited by me or my younger sister, Lauryn, unless stated otherwise. Any guests posts will be clearly stated as so, otherwise all content on this blog has been written by me. If you wish to use a photo from my blog or of me, please credit back to “www.anikamay.co.uk”.