Finally… I am 18 years old! I’m just so excited I can barely keep still. Not only is it bank holiday Monday which means I have the day off school, it’s not absolutely freezing as it was last year so I can really enjoy the day. However, I do have an extremely busy day ahead of me. First a meeting with the BBC, then a job interview, a meal with the family and finally an evening-in with my very best friends. Most 18-year-olds would jump at the chance to head to a crowded night club and spend their savings on so much alcohol they can’t remember their last name. But there’s plenty of time to do that, and today I feel like a fun-filled night-in with films, snacks, drinks, games and whatever else the night brings.
For that evening I’m wearing this electric blue jumper from Marks and Spencer. I love the really bring colour, and this jumper is 100% wool so I’ll be warm if I decide to sit outside tonight. The jumper is the perfect length to go with these charcoal jeans from Miss Selfridge that I just can’t seem to get enough of. I have two pairs of these, in different colours of course but charcoal is my very favourite. To match my jeans. I’m wearing my favourite coat I bought from Matalan in Autumn last year. This coat is faux fur lined with the softest material which means I can wrap up in it if it does get a little chilly. With me, I’m taking my everyday handbag from Next full of all my essentials and my boots, which I have recently become obsessed with are from a mysterious shop in Leeds. I’m assuming it was a charity shop or similar, but no one really knows. Anyway, these boots are super roomy as they can be tied tighter of left loose. They’re strong and structured which makes them ideal for walking on terrain other than tarmac.
Now, to begin the celebrations!