It’s  not long now until I no longer have to attend lessons and it’s a time that couldn’t come quick enough. No longer will I have to chose clothes according to rules or practicality. I may even have a pyjama day once a week as a reminder that I can wear any clothes during the day. But it’s still Thursday and I have school so today I’m wearing this silk dress from TK Maxx that I originally bought for my holiday last year, but loved so much I thought it deserved an outing into the world. I really like the mix of colour in this dress, as it’s like tie-dye or watercolours which I think is a great way to add colour to your wardrobe. The elasticated waist highlights more of a feminine figure to the dress rather than just a straight or t-shirt dress. My leather jacket is from Miss Selfridge which has become my go-to jacket for strange weather days because it’s waterproof in case it decided to rain, but cool enough to wear in the sun and light enough to carry. My bag is from TK Maxx which I have been using as a school bag because it’s just so big and there are about six compartments inside which defines me dream bag. Converse have also become my go-to shoe for school or a long day in general because they’re just so comfortable for my feet. I have flat feet, which means there isn’t that natural arch in the bottom of my feet, also means my feet can start to hurt after a while but this doesn’t occur with Converse or high heels. I also adore Converse because most of their styles are unisex so I can wear men’s or women’s shoes in my size – a rare occurrence for most brands.