Mondays aren’t really the worst day of the week for me. I have the morning off, which means the temptation to stay in bed and watch Jeremy Kyle is incredibly strong, but I have time to blog, and prepare for my lessons which start in the afternoon. Today I’m wearing this really chunky jumper from Topshop that I bought in their spring sale. The weather is really strange today, but it looks like it will eventually be quite cold so I’m wearing this to cosy up in during my lesson, and be warm enough to walk home in. Over that, my leather jacket is from Miss Selfridge which I’ve had for a while and is easily one of my favourite clothing items. I love leather as a fabric, but leather jackets are incredibly versatile, not to mention waterproof so perfect for a day like today. 

My jeans are from Topshop, which I only recently bought, and have become my third pair of charcoal jeans. I just really like charcoal jeans, and the more the better. The colour has really grown on me, and these jeans are MOTO which means they’re super soft and sensible for school. Both my shoes and bag are from Next; my bag is one of my favourite because it’s oversized and I can through everything in it. I have used it as a carry-on, a school bag, and overnight bag and everything else. The bag also has zips down the side so it does expand to make the bag even bigger. My shoes were bought recently and I love the little heel, and that they’re so comfortable I can even wear them to school. They’re also really easy to walk in which I always look for in a high heel.