Back to school! It’s a Wednesday which means I’m half way through this very long week, and I’m literally counting down the hours until I can go to sleep tonight. I’m that lazy. So today I’m wearing this lace dress made for me, and I’m crazy about the colour. It has two different tones to it, the fabric behind appears as a ‘background’ colour which is a really dark purple and then a lighter plum/aubergine colour on top full of subtle pattern. This dress is great for school because it’s so soft and comfortable for my entire day in lessons. I also have a free period right in the middle of the day so I like to relax in the common room then, which means I need something really cosy to curl up in. My coat is from Matalan and perfect for a day like today because of the fur lining on the colour and the inside. It’s faux of course, and almost like sheepskin it’s so very soft. I’m carrying my everyday school bag from TK Maxx that is perfect for carrying all my huge folders in, and my leather pumps are from Next. I bought these shoes from the men’s section, and they’re perfect for a long day of walking – possibly for a theme park or a day out, so I love to wear these to school because I know I won’t have to walk home with me feet in pain!