Shaking It Up

Rain rain go away, come again another day! It’s Saturday, the last day of May, a revision-free, shopping day. As my style changes, my shopping habits do to. I used to just buy whatever I liked, but now I sometimes just look for the inspiration, and try to see what I already have. Having a mother who is a fashion design also comes in handy, as she is able to make me a lot of clothes to fit, the way I like. This blue dress is one experiment I am currently trying out. I chose the fabric myself because I adore the colour blue, and I find it really easy to style with my skin colour.The simple colour brightens up the outfit as my jacket, boots and gigantic bag are all black and the style of the dress is more of a straight style, or even a t-shirt style which is different to my usual fit-and-flare approach. I think the skater dress look is one of my biggest habits because it is so easy to pair with other pieces and these dresses are available in most clothing stores at a reasonable price. However, I do want to shake it up a little bit, so this dress was made for me, and so far I love it. I do want to make the hemline at the bottom narrower, because I think it’s quite wide, but I do treasure the new addition to my wardrobe. 

Dress – homemade

Jacket – Miss Selfridge

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – Next