I’ll be spending the entire day working from home as I have only one lesson and my teacher isn’t available. I would say one of the perks of being in sixth form are the free periods and cancelled lessons. It’s like the weight of textbooks lifted off your shoulders. So as I won’t be going anywhere today, I’m wearing this huge floaty shirt from Primark. I bought this shirt two sizes bigger because I know Primark sizes can bit a little smaller than other shops, but I wanted the shirt to be quite floaty and oversized because I love the pattern. It has a mirror effect all over with swans and flowers everywhere. I think it’s a great top for spring because of the traces of pastel colours which were a major trend in spring, and the hints of floral – another huge trend on the spring catwalks. 

I’m also wearing plain black leggings that my mum made, that have a disco-like effect in them. These leggings are made out of a stretchier fabric that plain jersey leggings which makes them super soft and comfortable, great for a lazy day in. Finally, my shoes are from Sports Direct, and the brand is Nike. I don’t wear shoes inside, but if I were to nip out, I would wear these shoes because they brighten up the bottom of my outfit, as my leggings are dark, and the colour tones well with my shirt.