It’s finally Friday! The three-day weekend, and birthday celebrations for me are in the midst. It’s the last day of my 15-hour exam and what drama there has been! First, a swarm of wasps suddenly appeared in the exam room and I have never been so terrified. I’ve never been stung by a bee or wasp so I don’t know what to expect, but I was the first person out of the classroom and the last one back in. Then the entire school system suddenly shut down, which isn’t idea during a graphics exam when you’re using Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro to edit film and photos. Finally, there was a little bit of a flood after the water dispenser decided to leak. So my exam has been eventful to say the least. But today is the last day, all networks are running and we have hopefully seen the last of the wasps. 

My leather jacket is from Miss Selfridge, and I’m wearing this because it has been quite chilly outside recently, but it extremely warm in my exam room with all the computers running so I can take it off whenever I need to. My stripy dress was made by my mum, and the fabric is jersey which is great for an all-day exam like mine because it’s a soft and stretchy material which means it will be comfortable as I’m sat working for five whole hours. I chose the material from a fabric shop and I loved the ‘broken’ effect in the stripes, rather than solid lines.

My tights are simple plan black, 40 denier tights from Marks and Spencers, and my bag is one I bought in Spain while on holiday in Salou last year. It’s great for today because I don’t have an huge folders to carry with me, but I do have my iPad and notebook so I need a strong leather bag to shield them from the cold weather. Lastly, my boots are were a gift from a family member and essential for today as it looks as if it could rain, and waterproof leather is always my first choice.

Leather is one of my favourite materials because of it’s durability and strength as well as it’s variety in colour and style. Leather comes in nearly every clothing form, as well as accessories and shoes which puts it at the top of my list.