My ‘splash dress’ is one of my favourite dresses because it’s unique to my style and wardrobe. I chose the fabric myself, and the style of the dress, which means it’s highly unlikely anyone else will be wearing the same attire. I really liked the splashes of colour, and how they work really well with each other. They’re also velvet juxtaposed with a jersey fabric which give them that extra shine. Velvet is one of my weakness fabrics because of it’s unique texture and how it can highlight any assets of an outfit. My dress was made by my mum so it’s made to fit, but I also had a dress made that has the extra ‘splash’ fabric on top, and on the bottom is plain black jersey so I have two to chose from. My coat is from Topshop, which I’m wearing due to the awful weather today – it’s May but it’s been raining nearly week! I’m carrying my everyday handbag from Next which I am back to loving, it just perfectly fits all my essentials in, without having to carry a large bag that is floppy because it’s almost empty. My shoes are from Brantano, and the brand is Front. I have really gown to love these shoes because I can really wear them with any outfit. The simple suede means they’re also formal enough to wear to the less-casual occasions but can still be styled with jeans or a dress.