I’m Anika May – Welcome to my Blog


Anika is my first name, and I was born in May. Get it?

Right now, I’m in Sixth Form, applying for university and love fashion. Since being a child, I’ve been obsessed with the industry and always wanted to become a designer just like my mum. I used to spend hours and hours on Stardoll, Company Magazine’s site and Tumblr finding the latest fashion and putting together my own outfits. I also love writing and journalism – so I’m mixing them together… hello fashion journalism. 

After countless hours in the school library, reading books on the publishing and fashion industries. It then became my goal to be a fashion journalist, eventually becoming the editor of a magazine. As a kid, I spent time putting together my own magazine out of cut-out images and hand-written articles, but had no idea there’s an actual job in that area!

That’s what I’m applying to university for. Fashion Journalism. Although, it’s a tough market and I need to stand out (despite hating the spotlight), so a blog was born. This isn’t my first blog, my previous idea crashed and burned very quickly. But now I’m more determined than ever to work in the fashion industry and achieve my goals. I’m also really shy. Like really shy. And I think blogging will pull me out of my shell a little more. In a good way!

There’s only one problem: I don’t actually want to go to university. Probably something I shouldn’t be writing in my university application but my mother taught me never to lie. If I’m being completely honest, I’d just like to stay in my room until I’m 30, writing about outfits and runway styles that I adore. That’s the dream.

With UCAS applications, living up the expectations of my teachers, navigating my pending adulthood and living in a unique household, I don’t know how I’m going to keep up with this blog. But I started and I’ll never quit. I’ll never give up. I’ll never lose hope.

Without hope, you lose faith. Without faith, you lose will. And without the will to do anything, you lose yourself.

Anyway, back to my first ever blog post. This is it. This is Anika May. This is me. 

I created a blog so I could live my dreams, my own way, following my own path. Not the UCAS path. Not the worldly path. And certainly not the live-in-london-and-be-treated-like-dirt-for-six-years path.

Summer 2014 is a big season for me. It’s the time I discover the person I am, grow into the person I want to be, make some serious changes, and start Anika May. So, hiya!