A Typical Yorkshire Summer

I absolutely adore where I live. Every corner is a scenic landscape and being able to see the sunrise and sunset is a privilege I will never take for granted. However, West Yorkshire is in the North of England, not quite as North as Scotland, but it still gets very cold. We are halfway through June and this northern county has delivered as expected. The current weather is something I like to call a ‘false’ summer because the sun is there, and it is significantly brighter out, but this makes no difference to the overall temperature whatsoever. It’s not humid, or very windy – just a still cold. It’s quite strange actually. If I was living in London it’s rare there would be days like this as it’s either really hot or really cold in London. My bright blue coat is perfect for today because it’s bright enough for the summer sun but contain wool to keep me warm because the temperature isn’t very high at all. The clouds sit in the sky and hover around as the sun rays just about dodge them so it’s really quite an odd climate. 

Coat – Dorothy Perkins

Scarf – thrifted

Jumper – TK Maxx

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – Next

Bag – Spanish market