Charcoal Check

I have a bit of a habit for wearing darker clothes. I once heard the phrase, “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour” which I couldn’t agree more with as it seems to be my go-to colour without me even realising. Today’s weather is quite cloudy so my current excuse is that I’m matching the sky. I have recently been obsessing over jackets. I don’t know what it is, but a nice slouchy jacket or even a hoodie is one of my favourite styles. It’s not only the comfort that appeals to me, I like a ‘sloppy’ look in general and I think there are so many different ways to style a jacket, from a blazer to a oversized swearshirt. There are also so many jackets on the high street that come in all sorts of styles, shapes and colours, they’re out there. One thing I inherited from my mother’s fashion sense is my love of pockets, which I know sounds unbelievably strange, but if I see an item of clothing with pockets in I’m at least 45% more likely to purchase it. Dresses with pockets are my weakness, but I really love pockets for their practicality, and they do no harm. 

Today I have resorted back to charcoal jeans, my denim preference because they match the tones of charcoal on the top half. I find colours like this really easy to style because they blend with so many other colours. Dark tones in general will always go together, and you can always brighten up an outfit with one statement accent piece, which changes the tone of the entire look.

Top – Next

Jacket – Next

Jeans – Topshop

Bag – TK Maxx

Shoes – Brantano