Military Summer

Summer is always a season I tend to struggle with more because I do like the colder seasons, due to trends such as layering and darker colours which I am more comfortable with, but my fashion goal is to go out of my comfort zone so I do try to ‘mix it up’. I’m always being told to wear brighter colours like yellow and orange because they contrast well with my skin tone but first I have to get used to standing out in a crowd. Sometimes I really enjoy pairing things together that would usually clash. For example, these acid wash jeans with dark boots. Jeans and boots are two items that I wouldn’t normally pair together, but today is an exception. I also quite like the contrast between the brighter effect on the denim compared to the very dark tone in my boots. Distressed denim was such a huge trend throughout spring and ripped, torn or destroyed jeans and shorts are still immensely popular especially among celebrities. I really like the acid wash look because you get so many different shades of colour in one item. I think the ‘speckled’ effect is always unique in comparison to just ripped jeans at the knee. A favourite pair of jeans are always the perfect thing to throw on during an ‘I have no idea what to wear’ day, which happens to be today.

Have a great weekend!

Coat – Next

Jumper – homemade

Jeans – Miss Selfridge

Boots – Brantano

Bag – gift