Navy Lady

Like black, navy is a colour I wear a lot, and I feel, can never really be over-worn. Personally, I don’t know if darker colours make you appear slimmer, but I think this is partially responsible for my love of the darker tones. I’ve also been told that vertical striped make you appear slimmer in contrast to horizontal stripes. I actually feel more comfortable in the horizontal pattern and I chose this jumper because I love the the patterns are thick and thin which differs the top from any other. These dark denim jeans are among my favourites because they feel quite ‘body-shaping’ and are tight yet comfortable. I prefer MOTO jeans from Topshop because they’re always so soft and comfortable. Whenever I shop in store, I never know which pair to pick up first because they’re all so soft and stretchy which makes them easier to wear for longer periods of time. I also like to shop at Next for their jeans because they have the longer length jeans that aren’t too short for me; as well as jeggings, which are so similar to jeans you can’t tell the difference. A lot of the time, I will go for high-waisted jeans because they compliment your figure and can be worn with shorter length of cropped tops. Navy has become my comfort colour, but I think there are so many ways to style this simple tone, it’s versatile in almost every way.

Jumper – Matalan

Jeans – MOTO Topshop

Shoes – Next

Bag – gift