Rustic Rucksack

TK Maxx has become one of my favourite stores for finding one-off, one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique in their own way. I’m lucky enough to have a few stores very close to me, and each other has so much inside, I never know where to start. When shopping for bags, TK Maxx has always been my go-to store. Firstly, because it’s highly unlikely anyone else will have the same bag, and secondly, there is a chance that you will find a designer handbag, or a bag that was previously very expensive but is available for a reasonable price which always makes it seem more appealing. TK Maxx always includes the recommended retail prices of their stock so you can compare the previous price and the current one. I bought my rucksack, or backpack, from TK Maxx and I adore it. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I love items with pockets and this bag has plenty. I also really like the washed-out denim look that the bag is, and the denim is very thick and tough which makes the bag durable and reliable. This style of backpack came into fashion during the summer of 2012, when music festivals were becoming much more mainstream and tiny holdalls were not common. I still really like this style of rucksack because it’s so different from the standard bag with straps and I think is much more stylish and suitable for anything that isn’t school-related. I’ve also found that my bag is actually quite versatile with outfits and occasions, but can also be used for everyday use which is the biggest bonus. 

Jumper – homemade

Leggings – Topshop

Converse – Schuh

Bag – TK Maxx