Snappy Shopping Day

I have honestly been waiting for this day all week. You know when you have a day in the week, that you have designated to a much deserved event that you can’t wait for? That day is today. Most people wouldn’t be as excited about what I’m excited about but I’ve been working most of the week so I can’t wait. Today, is shopping day. Bit of an anti-climax for some, but I haven’t been shopping for a few weeks so I am very excited to stroll the streets of Leeds and enter every shop I come across. Shopping is like my yoga, some people do certain things to relax or ‘self-indulge’; shopping is my go-to activity for this. A lot of the time, I enjoy walking around, window shopping and eating out, not buying a single item. And with the new Trinity Shopping Centre in Leeds which is huge, there are shops or every kind in there. I’m also a bit of a food lover so eating out is an excited experience on it’s own. Whenever I go shopping, I always like to wear the comfiest clothes, that are also easy to get on an off when trying clothes on. My top tip would be to wear as little layers as possible to make changing clothes much easier. I love this oversized, long jumper because it’s woolly and warm, but also stretchy and easy to get on an off without completely ruining my hair. I may be alone on this, but whenever I spend an entire day of shopping, I often find myself buying little bits and bobs here and there and throwing them into my bag, cluttering it up. So I’m bringing my oversized leather bag that’s lightweight and easy to carry – which also means I will be able to hold a few shopping bags in there too. When’s your next style shop?

Jumper – Topshop

Leggings – Topshop

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – Next