Working Girl

Now that I am technically no longer a sixth form student, and I can’t really sit until August to wait for my exam results, I have to work… full time. I’m very lucky to have a few years of working experience already to prepare me for the ‘adult’ world but I still have to get used to working full days. There is no set dress code where I work, in fact many of the employees wear very casual clothing as they’re sewing all day and so have to be comfortable, in contrast to an office where presentation is incredibly important. I also work in the city centre so I love to do a spot of shopping during my lunch and after work, so my outfit is diverse in that aspect. A big wool coat is essential for me today as I’m freezing even though the sun is out. I am one of those people that will always say they are cold, no matter where I am, at one point during the day, I will be cold – so I have this oversized coat to wear when it gets chilly. I’m also wearing this knitted scarf that I discovered in my mother’s closet and I love because it appears to be hand-knitted and is so incredibly soft. Wool can sometimes become quite itchy which then become uncomfortable, so my top tip would always be to look for wool coats with lining inside. It doesn’t have to be thick lining but if you’re allergic to wool like me, it can become irritable on the skin. My coat has lining, but there also elements of wool in the colour so this scarf is a great substitute liner. Two of my style icons, Mary-Kate and Ashley are infamous for their oversized so I’m channelling an aspect of the style duo with this huge leather and suede bag that even expands to a bigger size. On days where I need to carry folders or a lot of items my first resort is always an oversized bag as they’re chic and strangely don’t ever look overbearing – the ideal accessory.

Coat – Dorothy Perkins

Jumper – homemade

Scarf – old

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – Next