Yorkshire Walking

One side of the Cow and Calf rocks, Ilkley.

Sometimes I have days, where I want to just wear the biggest, baggiest jumper I can find, the thickest, cosiest pyjama bottoms I can find and spends 6 hours straight on Netflix. To me, that’s a good Saturday. But I have a lot of errands to run, including walking my neighbours dog that I have volunteered to take care of. The weather is super warm today, so a t-shirt like this that is thin and airy is perfect because I won’t get to warm walking up hill. I love to walk, much more that I like to jog, and music always motivates me to actually keep moving because I end up strutting and occasionally posing and miming to the music in my ears. I’ll be walking around Ilkley Moor, which is where the Cow and Calf rocks are in West Yorkshire. A lot of people chose the climb them, but I personally just like the view. It’s a great place to walk because of the huge hill and amazing sights, it’s my go-to dog walking spot as walking around the Cow and Calf works up a sweat, and is always super rewarding. I’m choosing to wear leggings over shorts today as the sun keeps peeping in and out which is changing the temperature a little. On high ground, there’s also a bit of a breeze and my best option is to avoid getting cold. As I’m flat-footed, after a while, my feet start to hurt and my trainers are perfect for a long walk like today because they’re heavily cushioned inside which keeps my toes cosy. I can’t wait to get walking. Have a nice weekend!

T-shirt – Primark

Leggings – Next

Shoes – Lacoste

Hat – Matalan

Headphones – Amazon