Beauty Headliners

My blog often focuses a lot of fashion and personal style, as well as trends and what’s on the runway. But I have done beauty posts in the past and today I thought I would share some items that I have been using frequently to highlight my facial features. Because I have a darker skin tone, I can’t use a lot of really light eye shadows or lip sticks because they don’t contrast well and clash instead. In the evening, I like to go for a much darker look, and used to resort to the infamous ‘smokey eye’ with no lip stick because it was the easiest thing to do. But with these products, I can transform my eyes and lips from day to night very easily.

The Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen is my favourite of the four products because it’s so effective and long lasting. It’s really hard to find a pencil liner that lasts more than a few hours, but this liner will last under I have to take it off at night. I was a little sceptical at first as I was unsure of how a eye pencil could be ‘silky’ but this product lives up to it’s name. It’s so easy to apply because it is so silky, and even has a shimmer effect to it which means it shines from the morning right through to the night. This liner is perfect for lining my eyes because it really highlights them. It’s a little lighter than my skin, so it tones really well and is waterproof as well as light on my skin. The shade is ‘BronzeBeam’.

The Lord & Berry eye pencil is another liner I use to highlight my eyes. The colour is actually a really dark blue, which differs from the usual black pencil. I really like the blue in this pencil because it’s visible all day and incredibly light on my skin. For really hot summer days when I don’t feel like wear gel or liquid eyeliner, I will always go for this pencil because it’s easy to use and creates a strong and visible line. The colour goes really well with my skin tone as blue is one of my complimentary colours. I would use this liner throughout the winter too, as it’s waterproof and sumdgeproof, unlike other liners which either come off, or I have to take off because they’re affecting my sensitive skin. The colour is #704 ‘Ocean’.

Recently I really been struggling with some eye shadow that I can wear throughout the day without having to redo my make up for the evening or a different occasion. I love this GloMinerals trio in the shade ‘Champagne Rose’ because it feature three different colour for summer and winter. All the colours blend really well with each other, and like the eyeliners, this shadow set does stay on for long periods of time. With a lot of eye shadows, I could apply quite a lot to my lids and most of it will have disappeared by the end of the day. They easily create all-in-one looks and I love this trio because it will suit all skin tones. I usually can’t  use lighter colours as mentioned before, but I adore all the colours in this little trio. The rich, vibrant shades also include green tea extract which is extremely beneficial for skin.

Finally, the Daniel Sandler lipstick is my go-to lipstick this season. The ‘Impulse’ shade appears red when you look at the stick and in photos, but when applied, you can actually see pinky tones within the lipstick which also has a touch of shimmer to really highlight your lips. I use this lipstick to create a statement lip as it’s bold colour really compliments my skin tone and tones well with the rest of my favourites. It also contains ultra moisturising hyaluronic acid which leaves your lips feeling moisturised and smooth all night. Unlike a lot of other lipsticks, this doesn’t come off easily, so I can sip drinks and so forth without leaving cherry red lips stamps everywhere. The long lasting element in all these products has bumped them all up to my essentials list!

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