California Leather

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Leather jackets are one of my favourite clothing pieces because they can be worn in so many different ways. I favour leather as a material in general because it’s thick, waterproof and durable. Black leather is preferred because black goes with everything, although it does have it’s downside such as getting unbelievably hot when in sunlight. During 2009, when I was still in school, almost everyone had a leather jacket – they were a huge trend. Since then, I have always really wanted a leather jacket. Depending on the style, they give you a bit of ‘sass’. Especially with black leather jackets, the element of care-free attitude is immediately added to an overall look. 

I think the leather jacket look is one I would like to develop a lot further, as I know there’s such a wide variety of jackets out there, and they come in so many different colours. As we enter the thick of summer, I want to experiment with more colours – going out of my comfort zone. Similarly, leather boots, like Chelsea boots are my go-to shoe-type due to their promising features, but over the summer, I would like to try something new. A really good way to sneak in a bit of colour in your wardrobe are graphic t-shirts which were a large S/S trend. Proenza Schouler, Edun, Diane von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren are just a few big names that featured a graphic print or pattern in their designs.