Chiffon Central

I really thought I was a summer person, but I think I’m more of a winter girl. Even though I’m a spring baby, I don’t think I love the warmer weather as much as I believed. But I can guarantee as soon as it moves into autumn I’ll be saying “I’m definitely a summer person”. I chose this bright orange top today because it’s made out of a really floaty fabric called chiffon, which is often used for prom or evening dresses. Chiffon is made from cotton, silk, or synthetic fibres and can sometimes appear to be translucent because it’s so thin. Chiffon is also used for blouses quite a lot, but I chose this fabric for this drop-shoulder top because I know it’s really cool to wear in the sun and I love the bright colours. I think the colours and the pattern perfectly represent summer, and are a little girly which I like too. Chiffon is a really lightweight fabric, so this is also the kind of top I would wear on the beach because it’s so thin and doesn’t get heavy when it’s wet.

I am totally a boot person, I love boots. I know I can’t wear them throughout summer, but I have these ankle boots from Next with little cut-outs in the are great for the warmer weather. They have a little bit of a heel on, which is always a bonus as it makes my legs look longer, but they’re also really comfortable so I can wear them for a long time and even out shopping as they’re super easy to walk in. The boots are made out of a really soft leather so they’re not too warm to wear over the next few summer-filled weeks.

Top – made for me

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – Next

Bag – gift