Classroom Crazes

At the beginning of this year the athletic trend stole the show with old-school attitude. There were brighter colours, plimsolls and even go-faster stripes all over the catwalk. Before all this became a huge 2014, sportswear was the hit trend in 2009 at school. I would have been in year 9, and if you didn’t have one item on clothing from Adidas or the latest sports label – you weren’t “in the crowd” as it were. Usually, the brighter the better. I am lucky enough the have finished secondary school and escape the trauma of trying to keep up with in-school trends but I found this jacket in the back of wardrobe and had to write a post on it. Some items of clothing just hold very specific memories and this jacket happens to be one of them. Just about everyone had one of these jackets, it begin with the older kids, and then it spread to the lower school. I remember looking online and actually finding them sold out, and I’m still convinced it’s due to most of the kids in Bradford buying them. This was around the time Adidas Originals was re-branded and enforced among the younger generation – every item of theirs had stripes on it, and everyone wanted something. There were a range of shoes too, but my pocket money at the time didn’t stretch that far. After Adidas realised how popular these jackets became, as the trend spread rapidly, they eventually released an all new line of Adidas Originals jackets, in different colours and unique patterns. 

The trend literally took over, and it never looked that great either. This was also around the time everyone had a Gola bag and it became a competition to own the quirkiest style. Did your school every have any huge must-have trends?

Top – made for me

Jeans – Topshop

Jacket – Adidas

Shoes – Lacoste