Cosy Summer

Living in the UK, especially the North, it’s very hard to determine how long the summer is going to last, and we often deceive ourselves, thinking it’s warm outside because it’s July, but it’s actually not that hot at all. A lot of the time, I have to dress for the weather, which does sometimes limit my options, but there are ways around it. Today I’m being very daring, wearing no tights which may not seem like much of a daring thing to some people, but I’m always in tights when I wear dresses or skirts, probably because my legs are always cold. My coat is one of my very favourites which was an impulse buy that has actually been successful in the long run. The one thing I absolutely adore about this coat is the faux fur-like fabric it’s lined with, and that also lines the huge collar. This coat is super warm  and the fabric is so soft and comfortable to wear. I often like to wear coats that are really long or oversized because I can wrap myself up in them, but this coat is perfect for keeping me cosy. My top underneath is a short sleeved cropped top so if I do get too warm, I can always just take off my jacket. This jacket is also essential for days like today where the weather could go anyway, and I don’t want to layer my outfit in case it does turn out to be really warm.

Also keeping my cosy and comfortable are my skater shoes, that I have recently grown to love over the past month. They’re really well structured as they’re originally made for skateboarders, but inside they are heavily cushioned which is ideal for me because my feet are always freezing cold. These shoes are great for walking in too, because I’m flat footed so they stop my feet from hurting unlike a lot of other shoes.

Top – made for me

Skirt – made for me

Jacket – Matalan

Shoes – Brantano

Bag – TK Maxx