Drop the Waist

This is a style that really goes out of my comfort zone. The ‘drop waist’ dress has been around for quite a while, but I only really started to notice them after seeing a style similar on the Chanel catwalk, I then soon started to take notice inside stores. I like the skater or fit-n-flare style, but because I’m quite tall, I usually opt for the high waist, whether elasticated or not. Fit-n-flare dresses are also amazing for hiding all the lumps and bumps that never need to be seen around the torso and upper leg. Before trying on these dresses, I thought they would never really suit me, and I’m still getting used to the style but it’s growing on me. Wearing it feels no different to wearing a longer top and a mini skirt so it is in no way uncomfortable and actually quite easy to wear and style. This dress has short sleeves, so I paired it with a black leather jacket that matches the very dark grey stripes in the dress. I think this look is perfect for a really casual day out because it’s simple cool and comfortable. It’s not too ‘out there’ for summer and can be transformed perfectly for winter. With fashion, I think one of the most experimental things you can do is try something new – I guess that goes for life too. It could be as small as switching a dress style, wearing a new colour or going all out and wearing something completely out of your comfort zone. Today it’s just the dress, but I’m making a goal of trying something new at least twice a month, just to shake things up.

Dress – Topshop

Jacket – Miss Selfridge

Bag – Topshop

Shoes – Next