Fashion Phases

One thing I have noticed with my style is that I always go through different stages of styles. Whether it’s over-wearing an outfit, or one item I just can’t get enough of. Most of the time, it’s a case of buying an item, and then only really loving it a few months after I’ve bought it – bit of a strange habit. My mum is always getting frustrated because I want to throw clothes away, and then a few weeks later I’ll be looking for it trying to figure out why I would ever throw it away. When I first bought my jumper, or “sweater”, I used to always try to pair it will all the clothes in my wardrobe, no matter what. It’s the kind of jumper that doesn’t go with a lot of skirts, so I was limited in that sense, but I own too many jeans so the pairings seemed endless. I still adore this jumper because it’s so cosy to wear after at least two years of owning it. I was first attracted to this jumper when I saw it was a little different to you’re average woolly knit. I not only love that it has extra long sleeve, but also the knit effect just below my should which makes it a little more unique.
My jeans are also another item I went through a fashion phase with. Distressed denim was a huge spring trend so these were perfect at the beginning of the year, but I bought these jeans a while ago and still never wore them. When I did buy them, I had a little accident of accidentally setting of the alarm tag on it, which contains ink. So, as you can imagine, when I went to buy the jeans and check out the rest of my clothes, I had ink all over my hands and had to explain to the majority of the senior staff at Miss Selfridges that I stood on the tag in the changing room and I wasn’t trying to steal anything. I haven’t actually been back in that store since, but now I’m extra careful around those ink-filled security tags.
Because these jeans have loads of different shades of blue in them, due to the acid wash effect, they’re really easy to style, especially in summer as I’m trying to brighten up my wardrobe this season. Did you go through any fashion phases? 

Jumper – Topshop

Jeans – Miss Selfridge

Shoes – Schuh

Bag – Next