Monochrome Madness

Sometimes the hardest part about picking an all black outfit is finding all black pieces that are actually the same shade of black. If you wear all black outfits a lot, like me, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Today I went with a monochrome outfit, because I love this slightly oversized black and white shirt that I bought in Next’s recent sale. I chose it to try to break out of my all black habit, but I also like how the white is incorporated in the shirt, it’s not just black with white buttons or collars. I personally think the monochrome look is timeless, effortless and faultless. You can never go wrong with it because it’s two colours that always correspond well with each other. My leggings are a little shiny, but I chose them over plain black leggings because they can look green-ish or even brown on camera. These leggings are also a bit stretchier than normal high street leggings so they’re much more comfortable. My all black Converse are my favourite pair because I can literally wear them with  anything. I first saw them on Tumblr, and knew I had to buy them immediately because they will never clash with any of my clothes. They can also become a really simple statement piece if I contrast them with a super colourful outfit.  

Shirt – Next

Leggings – made for me

Shoes – Schuh