Pragmatic Prices

I am a huge believer in being honest and presenting yourself as you really are, rather than showcasing a false personality. I like the phrase “I’m not negative, I’m just realistic” because for me, it’s more than true. Sometimes I just can’t help but be honest, say things as they are and see the rational side to a situation. I’m not the type of blogger than has thousands to spend on hauls and styles that I can wear each and every day. I see nothing wrong with recycling what you’ve got and experimenting with what’s there rather than becoming distressed by trying to reach the unrealistic goals that are sometimes set in society. I love high fashion, I adore expensive things and I believe I have aspects of my personality that are identical to Holly Golightly in my obsession with how ‘the other half’ live. But I also love a bargain (real Yorkshire talk), and I am the type of person that looks at price tags; unfortunately I don’t have the privilege of being able to ignore how many zeros I see on a label. 

That’s the inspiration or motivation behind today’s post and outfit. I’ve recently learnt that charity shops are like little treasure chests, along with stores like TK Maxx and even supermarkets. Yes, that particular way of shopping may not be as glorified as spending £60.00 on a t-shirt, but if you look good and feel good, I don’t see it causing any harm. Some people may see shopping on a budget as a downfall or a disadvantage, but I see it as an open window into a whole other world of unique and one-off pieces to add to a slowly growing collection.

Mini-rant over. Today I’m wearing an oversized check shirt that is super cosy as it’s made of cotton and I actually found in a sale. Most people like to wear check shirts around their waist, which is a trend I like, but when wearing them myself, I like to actually wear them as an open or closed shirt. They’re also great in the summer as the oversized style keeps you cool all day without having to strip off. I chose to leave the top few buttons open which creates much more of a relaxed look, whereas when all the buttons are fasted, the shirt takes a straighter shape and looks a little more formal.

Shirt – George at Asda 

Leggings – made for me 

Boots – Brantano 

Bag – gift