Simply Topshop

I’m not really the type of dresser that feels the need to wear a whole load of times all piled into one outfit. Although I do really like layering, especially in the winter – I really like a simple look, especially two-pieces. Although the two main items in my outfit weren’t bought as a two-piece, I think they go well enough together to make one. Whether it’s trousers and a blazer, or a cropped top and midi skirt, I just like simplicity. However, I do try really hard not to go totally plain otherwise my wardrobe would be pretty boring, so to avoid this I try to add a few patterns and prints where I can to spice up my look. Both my top and skirt were bought in Topshop’s most recent sale, and were more of an impulse buy if anything. I don’t usually wear skirts that are too short, just because I don’t feel as comfortable in them with they’re not a big circle or skater skirt. This skirt isn’t too far from that style, but tones really well with the jumper as the grey on the skirt is identical to the colour around the neckline. I’ve paired a grey skirt with this top because I think it highlights the top and causes it to become a staple piece. Because my jumper is relatively ‘busier’ than the rest of my outfit, it gives off the illusion that my outfit is much more complex, rather than just wearing two block colours. The jumper is also quite bright compared to my accessories which really focuses all the attention to the one piece. I think this super easy method is a great way to make an outfit seem more exciting, especially if you don’t have loads of different items to experiment with!

Jumper – Topshop

Skirt – Topshop

Shoes – Fred Perry

Bag – Next