Smart Charcoal

One of the reasons I love darker colours like charcoal is because it’s so simple and easy to style. From day to night, or formal and casual. I know it’s the middle of summer, and usually people like to wear brighter clothes and styles but I don’t see anything wrong with wearing darker colours every so often. Today’s quite a gloomy day so I guess you could say I’m dressing for the weather.
Recently, I’ve seen a lot of blazers being worn in general street style. I always thought of blazers as quite a formal piece of clothing, and always worn them to more sophisticated events. However, after seeing so many people pull them off so effortlessly I decided to wear of to finish of my entire look. A lot of blazers come in very bright colours, and I have found a few I like from Topshop and Urban Outfitters that are unique in size, shape and colour in contrast to my plain black one. Blazers have been a summer trend before, and I still think there’s time for this look to become the late summer obsession. 

Shirt – homemade

Blazer – Topshop

Jeans – Next

Shoes – Brantano