Sudden Sunshine

Summer has actually started! A sudden heat wave has hit the UK and I’m absolutely loving it. I know what some people may be wondering: isn’t she warm? I’m actually the type of person that is always cold, not matter what, so I’m not really overheating today. But I am wearing tights and a coat which can easily be removed to create a summery look. The temperature is slowly rising in the North, and this dress is absolutely perfect for today because it’s very thin cotton so it stays cool the entire day. I love the colours of this dress, which was the only one left in the store, because it features a wide range of colours that blend into each other with a ‘watercolour’ effect. That mash-up of colours in this dress give it that summer feel, and it has no sleeves which makes it ideal for the warmer weather. The elasticated waist in the dress highlights a feminine silhouette and creates a skater style which is one of my favourites.
My sunglasses are my newest summer favourite because they can be paired with anything. I have quite a round face, so I usually go for the oversized black sunglasses, but I decided to make a change and wear these mirror aviators that I absolutely adore. Not only is it extremely entertaining watching people check out their reflection in my glasses or try to figure out if they can see my eyes, these glasses are also super light on the inside so they don’t effect my vision in anyway. They also don’t have a weird colour tint on the inside so the sky still remains blue!

Dress – TK Maxx

Coat – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – market

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Sunglasses – Primark