Blue Balloons

Is it me or is summer ending a little quicker than anticipated? I feel like it only lasted a few minutes; and I know that’s what everyone always says during summer but it’s strange how quickly the seasons pass, I only ever realise because the weather’s changing. Today’s dress is perfect for today, which is quite gloomy and dull. The dreary clouds just blanket the sky and create a chilly breeze while throwing a storm or two into the mix. Not really the August I was expecting, it has rained nearly everyday! You may recognise the fabric used for my dress from Monday’s post. I had a lot of spare fabric and decided to used it on more than one item of clothing. As mentioned in yesterday’s post I nearly always go for the skater dress style and I’m trying to break the habit. I thought I would go with a super cosy dress and the temperatures are already beginning to drop. The fabric is a knitted cotton so it’s warm against the wintry winds and has a little bit of stretch making it all the more comfortable. Today I’m working all day, and I’ll be sat inside all day, so comfort couldn’t be more important. I’m also in a great mood because the colour of my dress is almost identical to the colour of my nails and that makes me really happy. It’s the little things. My boots are Chelsea boots from Dorothy Perkins that I absolutely adore because they’re amazing quality and add an element of ‘cuteness’ to this look. My nail colour is Blue Balloon, by GOSH Cosmetics.
Today is also results day and I can’t wait to receive my grades for Media Studies, English Language and Literature, Sociology and Graphic Design – good luck to all those receiving results!

Dress – made for me

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – Next