Check the Gradient

When ordering clothes online, I always think: “This is so nice, it would be great to blog about!” without the intention of actually wearing it. Either that, or I’ve forgotten I’ve ordered it and it comes as a surprise about a week or so later. This shirt was bought because I thought it was ‘nice’ but that was about it. However, over the past few days I’ve actually grown to love it, even wearing it twice in one week! I don’t wear check shirts that often because they can clash with a lot of other clothes in my closet as I love patterns. But I really like this simple check shirt, with no extreme colour and a really cool pattern. It follows the typical ‘flannel’ style, but I think the black and white take on it causes it to stand out among the rest. I think this shirt is perfect for Autumn because of it’s darker tones but it’s still just as stylish to finish of summer.

I would also like to apologize for not posting since Thursday, I’ve been through a digital nightmare! I have a Lenovo Windows 8 laptop which has been amazing for school over the past year, but it just broke down out of no where! And just my luck, it broke down two days out of the warrenty so I had to pay for a brand new hard drive because mine was damaged. After contacting Lenovo and getting a new driver, that hard drive then broke! I was terrified of losing all my photos but luckily non of my documents were harmed. So now, I have yet a new hard drive which should hopefully work. My broadband also stopped working last week so I had to go to coffee shops just to post! But I think I’m back on track now – I really don’t like posting infrequently. 

Shirt – Next

Jean – Miss Selfridge

Shoes – Nike

Bag – Topshop