Humongous Handbags

I have recently really fallen for oversized bags. Oversized anything is what I will usually go for, other than jeans. I love huge jumpers and long tops as well as large statement accessories and jewellery. Today I’m carrying quite a large bag that I bought from TK Maxx. There are many things I love about TK Maxx, finding designer clothing for reasonable prices is always exciting, but I really like the fact that you often find one off pieces in there. Sometimes they’re just in that one store, but it’s rare I’ll find a lot of items twice in a fortnight. My large bag was bought for my last year of school, which I finally finished in June, and was sitting there, all alone on a rack. I couldn’t resist, I had to buy it because it’s black and leather – perfect for school. My huge bag also has divided sections and plenty of pockets inside which is always a bonus for me. I like simple colours for handbags as they’re not often a statement piece in my outfits. I really like the ribbed effect down the middle of the bag as well as the gigantic studs near the handles. Oversized bags have become essential for me as I now work full time and I have to carry a lot of folders along with my typical handbag essentials. On the other hand, I’ve noticed really large bags are great for shopping days because I can just throw things in rather than struggling to carry everything. I often find myself trying to look for a place to put a tiny carrier bag from Claire’s somewhere and I’ve even lost them because I have no where to put them! I’ve found humongous handbags to be a new favourite of mine, what do you think?

Top – Next

Jeans – Tophop

Bag – TK Maxx

Converse – Schuh