Mini Midriff

When I wear cropped tops, I often buy them long enough to cover my tummy, or wear high waisted jeans that go past my belly button. However, today I’m feeling daring, and exposing a tiny bit of my ‘midriff’. Usually this is something I would not be uncomfortable with, and I think pulling off this look is all down to confidence and how you feel applying this trend. I think it’s an absolutely perfect look for anyone that isn’t keep on wearing shorter dresses or short-sleeved tops because your lower chest and tummy can be show off in a really subtle way without going outside your comfort zone. I have quite a pear body shape, so I’ve really grown to love cropped tops and high waisted clothing because they disguise the bits I don’t like and highlight or show off the bits I do like. I’ve also found, in effect, it can make you look a little bit slimmer, when you show off your favorite body parts. This denim shirt I chose to wear over the top is a new favorite of mine because it’s really light denim, and not as thick as a jacket so it’s not overbearing. I’ve found that the thinner denim shirts are perfect for autumn because they’re so easy to use in a layered outfit, and the basic shades can be paired with plenty of different colours as well as patterns to create a unique look. 

Denim shirt – Next

Top – made for me

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – Brantano

Bag – Next