My Other Bag is Designer

I usually go for bags with loads of pockets, plenty of space to keep it organised and usually small and leather. But while shopping in the Next sale, I came across this bag and I just couldn’t resist. I actually have loads of canvas bags, and quite a few cotton tote bags, but I never carry them because they don’t have any pockets and can get all floppy if they’re not reasonably full. I really like this canvas bag because the cotton is a lot thicker than most of my others which means it doesn’t get too floppy or lose it’s shape. You can always see the text on the side, which is what drew me to the bag in the beginning. In there today, I’m carry a few notebooks and all my basic handbag essentials. However, the only downside to these bags is that I can put my phone in them. I’m super protective over my iPhone, I won’t even let it out of the case out of fear of the screen or back breaking. So with this bag, I often have to wear a jacket with a place for my phone or my favourite charcoal jeans which have deep pockets in them. Another downside to these bags is that you can only carry them in the sunshine or during dry weather because they won’t be helpful in the rain. But this does make them perfect for days out in the sun for picnics and the beach because they are spacious and light. This bag is one I’ll definitely be keeping and adding to my collection; what do you think of canvas totes?