Simply Sparkling

Over the last few days and over my last few posts, I have really emphasized my love of simplicity in an outfit. Sometimes less is more and I think that can be the key to an effortless look. This dress is a new favourite of mine, which I recently bought in Next’s most recent summer sale. I wasn’t going to keep this piece at first, because I didn’t think I could pair it with anything, and I wasn’t sure when I would actually wear it, but it’s much more versatile than I first believed. The fabric has a really subtle shimmer that is brought out in natural or artificial lighting which makes the outfit and the dress seem much more exciting and ‘busier’ rather than boring. I see this dress as a gigantic t-shirt, because it’s so comfortable and has that similar shape to it. I usually go for the skater style because it’s the dress shape I’m much more used to wearing, but I really like this straighter look. I absolutely love the pockets in this dress because they don’t take away from the look and become a unique characteristic. I think the length makes this dress very versatile because it can be worn to formal and established events, but also dressed down to suit a casual day. I’ve paired this dress with some boots, also from Next that I bought earlier this year. I like the tiny heel which lengthens my legs and still compliments the dress.

Dress – Next

Shoes – Next

Bag – TK Maxx

Sunglasses – Primark