Statement Static

Whenever I feel like my outfit is a little ‘boring’ I always try to add one unique piece as a statement piece to spice it up. I chose this fabric from a local material warehouse very close to wear I live. It immediately caught my eye because of the unique pattern as well as texture and feel of the fabric. I’m lucky to live in an area of the UK famous for it’s textiles and a mother who’s a fashion designer so I can customise my own wardrobe. This fabric is cotton jersey which is perfect for me because it’s cosy and soft fabric and it’s stretchy too. I knew immediately that this fabric shrinks sometimes when washed so I actually had it made a little bigger so I could wear it a few times without it getting too small. I often wear this top as a statement piece because the ‘static’ looking effect on it stands out against the darker colours in the rest of the outfit. It’s also only black and white, so this top could be a cheat way to making an outfit seem a lot more exciting without including a wide range of colour. I paired this stretchy shirt with my favourite skinny jeans, hi-top suede shoes and an oversized bag with stud detail.

Top – made for me

Jeans – Next

Shoes – Brantano

Bag – TK Maxx