Stylish Scholar

I know there are absolutely loads of YouTubers doing ‘Back to School’ series. Whether it’s beauty gurus or lifestyle vloggers, just about everyone is talking about the upcoming term. In the UK, school doesn’t usually start again until September but I know there are some schools that are timetabled a little differently. Today’s look wasn’t put together with school in mind, as I’m lucky enough to have survived the education system, but I do think it’s a great back to school look. It’s very scholar-esque which I think is all down to the jumper and dark tones used. My top is a 2-in-1 type of shirt where the two pieces are actually attached together and can’t be detached which I quite like. The simple blue colours are perfect for a casual school style or even for work if the dress code isn’t too strict. I like that the shirt underneath doesn’t have a ‘typical’ collar which is a tiny element of detail that spices up the look a little. I’m obsessed with charcoal jeans, so I included this rustic-looking rucksack to match the colour. When I was in school, I carried a backpack a few times because sometimes they’re much easier to just throw stuff into rather than faffing about with a really fancy bag between classes. Chelsea boots have become a favourite of mine, and as the temperature starts to drop, I’ve been wearing these boots a lot more because they’re so easy to combine with the rest of the items in my wardrobe. The colour helps, but these boots can either be styled up or style down which is a great bonus for customising outfits for school.

Top – Next

Jeans – Topshop

Boots – Dorothy Perkins

Bag – TK Maxx