Swingin’ Saturday

I have actually become really fond on full and circle skirts. They  not only follow a flare style, which is one of my favourites, but they are so easily styled it’s almost impossible to go wrong. The super simple style comes in so many different colours and patterns, they can conveniently become a statement piece for an entire outfit and are great for highlighting a really feminine silhouette and show of you body’s best bits. I personally prefer to wear these skirts with either a cropped top, possibly showing of a little midriff if it suits the look I’m going for. Today I’ve paired this skirt with a top that’s a little longer than an average cropped top but still quite short. I absolutely adore this top  because it’s perfect throughout the year. The ‘holes’ in the pattern mean it’s really cool to wear throughout the summer in the warmer temperatures and it can also be used in a layered outfit because it’s a little oversized and one colour which is very versatile. I really appreciate the simple pattern in the top because it makes my outfit seem a little more exciting in comparison to a plain white tee. Full skirts come in so many different length and looks, but I really like the classic black skirt that started the trend. As it is a little colder today, I’m wearing boots but still going without tights; and carrying a canvas tote bag that was actually given to me at a university fair that I’ve been using a lot more after my bag in Monday’s post.

Top – Next

Skirt – made for me

Boots – Brantano

Bag – free gift