Back With The Distressed Denim

A new month means a new backdrop. For just about everyone around the world, school is either in session or it begins this week. As a secondary school survivor, I can sympathise with those who were just like me, watching the minute hand on the clock move twice as slow as usual. I think today’s outfit is perfect for those who don’t wear uniform or are in sixth form because it’s not too dull and doesn’t break any major dress codes. If you do wear uniform, you could always keep a super simple outfit like this in mind for a non-uniform day, my school had quite a few. I’m absolutely crazy about this grey jumper I bought from TK Maxx. Not only was it one-of-a-kind in the store at the time, I bought it for £4.99. Even the cashier pointed out how brilliant the price was. When buying the jumper, I never realised how handy it would really be. The school I went to was a really fancy building (it was new), and had intelligent heating inside which wasn’t always your best friend. The entire school was run by a computer-thing that controlled every digital aspect in the building, the computer just happened to struggle with the temperature. “Intelligent heating” just meant the building would turn on heaters if it was a little chilly outside, or air conditioning if it was cold. Some things were just meant to be run by humans. This jumper was perfect for the ever-changing climate at school because the elements of wool in the fibre keep me incredibly warm and cosy, but the jumper is a loose knit and relatively thin so I never over-heated. And as it’s quite thin, I found it really easy to layer over.

My jeans were also a favourite for school because they make an outfit seem more exciting by the brighter colour and acid wash effect. Even though the effect is quite subtle, they brighten up my look. I decided to turn my jeans into roll-ups as I’m wearing hi-top Converse (another school essential) and they divide up my ensemble.

Jumper – TK Maxx

Jeans – Miss Selfridge

Hat – Matalan

Bag- Next

Shoes – Schuh