Bright and Bold


Growing up as an incredibly shy girl was super difficult. I never wanted to go outside, or talk to people, and found it really difficult to make friends and fit in with the ones I had. The one thing I hated more than anything was standing out or getting too much attention on me. I remember always saying I don’t want a first dance if I ever get married because I can’t deal with too many people looking at me at once, or I dreaded birthdays because people would sing at school which caught the attention of anyone and everyone. I was also super tall growing up, always taller than my friends and I still am, which is something I used to hate but now love. Basically, anything that made me look any different than anyone else I didn’t like. Now I’m a little different, having a blog means I get to experiment with colour and pattern which I would never even think of trying. My dress, which does have a lot of dark tones in, is full of highly detailed pattern – causing it to stand out from the crowd. Usually I would avoid this, but I absolutely love this dress, it’s one of my all time favourites. And to top the confidence cake, I’m wearing my favourite booties that have a small heel which elongates my legs in a lengthier dress. Overall, this has become my favourite formal look, especially because it can be worn all year round!

Dress – Next

Bag – market in Salou

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